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Money for old rope?

US$14,500,000.00 waiting for you – perhaps not!

Many (if not all) of us will have received emails purporting to be from potential benefactors offering huge riches if only we would send them our personal (and confidential) information. Over the last couple of years, I have collected some example of these emails and would like to share them here.  

You will notice that various ruses are attempted including:

  • a tug at the heart strings
  • the ‘official’ approach (for example, pretending to be from HMRC, Barclays Bank)
  • the lottery win.

There are a number of common factors in all of the above. Firstly, the spelling and grammar are almost universally appalling. Secondly, there is no logic; how can you win a lottery that you have not entered? Finally, as they operate a scattergun approach, hardly any of the information relates to the recipient.

Here are a few examples. Apart from the names and contact information, I have not altered them in any way. 

A tug at the heart strings

Dearest One,I am xxxx xxxxx My parents Mr.and Mrs.xxxxx xxxxxx were assassinated here in IVORY COAST. Before my father’s death he had (USD$7.9M) Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand United State Dollars deposited in a bank here in Abidjan.

I want you to do me a favour to receive these funds to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary. I want to come over to your country for the safety of my life from the hands of this wicked assasins.I have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production.

This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist me,reply me with your phone number.

The ‘official’ approach

Hello, I am account manager with one of the leading banks in Cape Town South Africa, in my bank I discovered an abandoned large sum of fund totaling (US$14.5M) belonging to one of our foreign customers, an American national and businessman based in Cape Town South Africa. Who was involved in a horrible boat accident in the year 2007 along with his wife and three children? I am therefore, seeking for your co-operation to front you as the beneficiary of the funds he left behind since there is no other next of kin to claim the funds as shown on his record with my bank. The Strategy is to use my influence as branch account manager to provide you with the relevant information’s that has to do with the said account, which will enable you put in application for the claim of the USD14.5 Million on your favors. So if you are interested on this humble offer, I will appreciate you reconfirm the following information’s below to me so that we can proceed on the transaction as time is of high essence. Your names in full, Your office or residential address, Your occupation and place of work, Your direct contact numbers cell phone and fax, Your age, Your marital status. Upon receipt of this information’s, I shall advice you further on a possible way forward regarding how to apply for the I await your urgent response, .

 The lottery win

 URGENT NEWS——: Email Lottery Winner of 1,000,000.00GBP,We have been trying to contact you,Please contact our information department to collect your prize immediately.

Please send your immediate response by email to:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Your Email Ticketing Details Are:(Ticket No.883734657492YEL) (Ref No.7336065782) (Serial No.7263SRN)

OUR REQUIREMENTS FOR CLAIMS:Full Contact Address + Tel No.+ Age + Occupation + I.D Card and or Drivers Licence + Ticketing Details As Shown Above.


Congratulations for emerging a lucky winner. 


More of these will follow on this blog in due course.

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