About us

We spend time with our clients to ensure that we understand their objectives – helping them to communicate with their chosen audiences!

Why people work with us

Our proofreaders and translators have a wealth of experience as well as a passion for words and how they are used. We will always demonstrate:

  • an understanding of a client’s requirements
  • a conscientious approach to every project
  • a high level of expertise in both written and spoken English
  • adherence to the client’s style parameters.

About us

The Wordlings was established by Steve Miell in 2009. We have completed many varied projects since that date – proofreading, translation, copy-editing and copywriting!

What we do

In an era of intense competition, you need to get things right – first time!

Success depends on clear and persuasive communication which can make a difference between engaging your target audience and losing their interest forever.

Whether you need help with web copy, a brochure, a leaflet or any written work, we will help you to produce a document that is free from spelling and grammar mistakes and consistent with your house style.

The Wordlings will:

  • correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • recommend changes to text(s) to improve the consistency, tone and flow of a document
  • bring a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to your document to ensure that small details you may have missed are spotted
  • create a ‘Style and Tone of Voice Guide’ to improve consistency across all your written work
  • help translate your ideas into words!

Who uses The Wordlings?

Businesses – both large and small

Academics and students

Authors and playwrights


Web developers

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